From the desk of Phil Danley

Discover the Step-By-Step Method to Get Out of Debt and Change Your Life Forever!


Hello! I’m Phil Danley.

Are you struggling to get ahead of, or just stay current with, your credit card bills? Your auto loans? Your student loans?

Are you frustrated because you’ve tried everything and more to get out of debt and it’s just not working for you?

Have you read books on personal finance, listened to radio shows, or purchased a personal finance course through your church, and none of these put a dent in your debt?

Are you ready to take things to the next level and finally achieve a realistic plan to debt freedom that is workable for your unique situation?

If so, then you are going to love what I’m creating…

I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been there, twice.

In 1999 I finally realized that I had a serious debt problem. My head knew it but I refused to believe it in my heart. It finally sunk in that between my twelve credit cards and one personal loan, I owed $81,477.

I enrolled with a consumer credit counseling company into a debt management plan which was supposed to last five years. I made every payment on time. One year and $325 in fees later, my creditors had raised my monthly payment four times and I couldn’t afford it anymore. So I filed for bankruptcy.

A Chapter 13 plan for five years was approved. Everything went well for almost three years, then I lost my job. So I converted to a Chapter 7 and my debts were discharged in early 2004. It cost me more than $1000 in attorney fees and court costs, not to mention a destroyed credit score.

Slowly I began to rebuild my credit. We purchased a new car in 2008. I was promoted to Boise, ID later that year which meant a move and some new furniture. Our son got braces in 2009 and by 2010, I realized that my credit card balance kept growing each month. We were back up to $28,200 in non-mortgage debt. ALL WHILE WE WERE MAKING EXTRA PAYMENTS ON THESE!

This time I got MAD and SEARCHED for a plan.

We created a plan that worked for us and our situation. In 17 months we paid off that $28,200. We continued the plan towards our mortgage and on August 22, 2014, we paid off our house. We have lived debt free ever since!

Here’s the thing. You are mad and everywhere that you search for a plan, you find one that doesn’t work for you. It might work for 30 days, for 60 days, maybe even 90 days, but eventually it fails.

Because for all of the knowledge that you have gotten from the books you read, the radio shows that you listened to and the courses that you purchased, you haven’t been able to find a plan that works for your circumstances.

Something keeps knocking you off of your plan:

  • You try to set up an emergency fund but you never finish it so you use a credit card for an emergency and your balance goes up.
  • Your budget is never quite right. There always seems to be some unexpected expense.
  • The debt seems so monstrous that it looks impossible to get out of.
  • You get distracted when a new iPhone comes out and “have” to buy it.
  • You believe you can’t have any fun in life until your debts are paid in full. Or that you have to live on dog food!
  • Your friends and family keep asking you to spend money with them.
  • You want to do this but you need someone to help hold you accountable.

Or maybe you have lots of knowledge but you are still missing a few pieces, so you keep searching to fill in the blanks, but you and I both know that based on the past, no matter how much you keep searching, there will still be holes until you actually DO IT!

I want to see you STOP SEARCHING and start GETTING OUT OF DEBT.

Now when I say stop searching, I don’t mean give up. I mean find one place that not only gives you the information you need to get out of debt, but also gives you support to get there. If you read a financial help book, can you email the author with a question? No you can’t.

This is why I have created a membership club where over the course of the next few months, I am going to teach you step-by-step how to:

  • Create a workable plan, that you can live with, which gets you out of debt.
  • Develop a budget that doesn’t miss anything.
  • Decide if you want to pay off your debts from smallest balance to largest balance, or from highest interest rate to lowest interest rate.
  • Know exactly when each debt will be paid off based upon your plan.
  • Stay disciplined when someone tries to get you to break your budget.
  • Negotiate with your creditors if you are in collections.
  • Have a calmness and a peace of mind because you know where every dollar is coming from and where every dollar is going to. You’re in charge!

Whatever has been holding you back, we have to break you through it.

Bridge The Gap

Picture you are standing on one side of a canyon. On the other side is freedom from debt. Together we will not just help you to build the bridge to get to the other side, but also we will walk across that bridge together. I’ve walked this bridge in my own life; I know you can too.

We will walk together through live phone calls.

We will walk together through recorded video training.

We will walk together through audio training.

We will walk together through emails.

Once a week you will receive new training and if you have any questions, then you can email me for help!

So how does this sound so far?

If this is exciting, are you ready to get started?

Now perhaps you are wondering, this sounds great, Phil, but what is this membership going to cost me?

Let’s dig into what it is worth to you to get you out of debt.

According to the Federal Reserve, the average household with credit card debt has a balance owing of $15,706!

…the average student loan debt for a borrower is $32,953!

…plus the average mortgage balance is $156,333.

So let’s ignore the mortgage for now. How much do you owe on your credit cards?

Do you have any auto loans? RV or boat loans? I didn’t even mention these.

Any student loans?

Or how about medical bills? These are the #1 cause of bankruptcy filings.

I don’t know about you, but when I pay for training and knowledge, I expect to get 5-10 times my investment back. So if I pay $500 for a course, I expect to earn or save $2500 – $5000 from that knowledge.

If you have $15,706 in credit card debt alone, then would it be worth $1570 to get it paid off?

A bankruptcy attorney will probably charge that much for a case. But I don’t want you to go through bankruptcy. Or through a debt management plan from a credit counseling company.

I want to change your life by getting you out of debt. I want to make this a no-brainier decision for you. I want you to join my membership and start getting phenomenal results in your life!

So instead of charging you $1570 up front, or charging you $157 per month, when you enroll as a charter member today, you get in for only $29 per month, and that price will never go up, even if down the road new clients are paying $69 or $109 or $199 a month. You will remain at just $29 for unlimited access.

So if you are ready, get in now:

Now perhaps you’re thinking, I can go down to the library and check out a book for free.

The key here is that I want you to get momentum right off the bat to start your walk across that bridge to achieve your dream of debt freedom. And as soon as you enroll today, I am going to send you instructions to get started immediately. No book can do that.

As motivational speaker Les Brown said,

Les Brown

You’re going to have homework assignments in this membership. Creating a real budget that accounts for every dollar you earn and spend takes a lot of time to do correctly. Your homework might show that you need to work a part-time job on top of your full-time job to get out of debt.

So if you’re not willing to work hard for a couple of hours each week, then please don’t enroll!

But if you want information, direction and accountability (which I believe is the best part of this membership), then get in now as a charter member for just $29 per month:

By the way, if you get into the membership and you meet all of your goals in just 60 days, then you can leave the membership with no hard feelings!

I want to change your life so you know what it is like to make that last payment to your credit card so you have a $0 balance.

To know how it feels to have $1000 in a bank account that you can use for an emergency and not have to use plastic to pay for the emergency.

To know how it feels to pay off your last loan balance so you have no debt except for a mortgage.

And then the ultimate…to make your final house payment and owe NOTHING to ANYONE!

Cheryl and me celebrating our final mortgage payment!

Cheryl and me celebrating our final mortgage payment!

So try this out for a month or two and see how it works for you.

With all that said, let’s get started!


Phil Danley